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Flowy is not intended as a replacement for psychological advice, therapy or medication.
Please seek medical attention if you are concerned about symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks.

The Breaths That Count

Every breath taken with Flowy is a calmer breath

0 0 0 . 2 2 2 . 2 2 2 breaths taken

in 1 4 4 countries

We did our homework

The Trial

We wanted to show that Flowy is effective - a really fun game which provides measurable relief for symptoms of anxiety, panic and hyperventilation.

The Method

We ran a randomised controlled trial assessing:

  • Whether people will use Flowy
  • Whether it works well
  • Whether it was fun

The Results

Flowy measurably reduced symptoms of anxiety, panic and hyperventilation
Flowy significantly improves
quality of life
100% of users agreed Flowy was a useful tool for dealing with their anxiety

The Conclusion

Flowy is an effective and usable tool for managing anxiety and panic through breathing retraining exercises.

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